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Full Color RGB LED pixel light 20MM
Product Detail


1. With perfect optical design, high luminous angle, high brightness, good light efficiency and more energy saving
2. Perforated installation, easy installation and maintenance
3. High quality PC shell material with UV protection, anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance, etc.
4. SD card offline control, online control to play video, etc., colorful and rich, the product is suitable for signage, advertising screen and other landscape quantitative engineering use, a wide range of applications.


Item No£º MC-¡é40-ZS1914-7FC-24N
LED Light Source£º 3535 Brightness RGB
Light Source QTY£º 1pcs
Color Range£º 16.77 million RGB composite colors
Color Resolution£º 3x8bit
Beam Angle£º 120¡ã
Whole Light Brightness£º 15 LM
Whole Lighting Effect£º 22 LM/W
Center Distance£º 100mm ¡À5mm(Customize¡Ý80mm)
Shell Material£º Gray/Black PC
Source Connection QTY£º 20 PCS/string
Whole Light Size£º ¦µ30X16.5mm
Whole Light Weight£º 18g
Certification£º CE RoHs
IP Rating£º IP66
ANTI-UV Level£º 4 level
Working Temperature£º -25¡«+45¡æ
Storage Temperature£º -40¡«+80¡æ
Working Condition£º Indoor/Outdoor

Remarks: Standard parameters allow for a range of errors